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I live in Northwest Indiana, so that means that I get a dose of every season of this Earth to the very fullest. No matter where people live though, I believe that everyone would like to be somewhere at some point in life where they get to experience all of the seasons and the beauty that comes in winter, spring, summer, and fall.

The truth is, we all like seasons. We like new things, and with each season some how we feel like we need to change. New seasons come with new haircuts, new styles, new bags, new wedding dresses, new cars. We feel as though with each season there needs to be a change in ourself in order to keep up with where the rest of the world is going. We love change, its what keeps us going and life exciting.
Here are what each season symbolizes according to the changes in the Earth:
Spring is a time on total renewal. Its a time of starting new project, sewing new seeds, and coming up with new ideas. It is a season of refreshment and contemplation.
Summer is a season of…