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Running the Good Race

Tonight my dad asked me to go for a run.
I just got back from leading a group of middle schoolers on a mission trip to Milwaukee, Wisconsin and my dad knew that I had a heavy weight on my heart, so he asked me to go on a run with him at 8:30pm.
My dad seemed a little bit nervous because he hadn’t gone for a run in a while, and trust me I am not much of a runner myself either. But he told me that it was okay if I got ahead of him and to just meet him at the car after I was finished. We started off running together at the same pace, and it was so nice. It was comforting to have my dad there right beside me. But after a few minutes my dad started to get slower and slower, but I was feeling good, so I just kept running ahead and I left him behind. After another 5 minutes or so, I see my dad come out of nowhere and pass me up, what the heck! He passed me and I just couldn’t catch up to him, so I trailed behind. Eventually he burned out of energy and I saw him stop ahead of me and I realiz…