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6 Months of Change, Learning, and Love

Today my husband and I have been married for 6 months..I feel like this shouldn’t really be a big deal but so many people have told us that the first year of marriage is the hardest, so being half way through feels like a big deal to me!

6 months.
So much has happened.

I figured I would celebrate by sharing what John Zachary and I have been up to these past 6 months and what we have learned about marriage and each other. Also I am planning to treat myself with ice cream to celebrate as well. That is something that John Zach is learning – that I always want ice cream and I will not share it with anybody..ever. Also probably the reason why I was so totally okay with moving to Fishers was because I knew that there was a Graeters Icecream in town.

If you have never had it, travel somewhere that you can get it.
OKAY! So let me tell ya’ll a bit about what’s happened since our wedding.

About a week before our wedding day we moved all of our things into our new place in Fishers, several week…

Overflowing Joy

Yesterday I made some fellow drivers quite mad when I didn’t start to drive when the traffic light turned green.
Truth is I didn’t start driving right away because I was distracted. Totally not paying attention. At all. In my own little world.
At that moment my world was filled with cars driving around me with real Christmas trees tied up on the top of each car. There were about 20 cars that went by, all with Christmas trees on top, and I was just mesmerized. I was so stuck paying attention to that, that I totally missed the green light right in front of me.
Watching those 20 cars drive by made me so happy. I mean the kind a happy where you are just smiling so big and you start laughing. I fell in love with those 30 seconds and then snapped back into reality with tons of horns honking at me. I was just thinking about how very simple circumstances or one moment or even a certain word or image can either bring us the overwhelming feeling of joy or this sudden deep feeling of anger or s…