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New Growth is Blooming

I think we all know the overwhelming feeling you get when you stand outside and admire the beauty of nature. Its that feeling where you instantly want to stay in that place you’re standing forever, having that feeling that you’re a part of something more, there is something more in this world and you want to be a part of it.
I love that feeling.
I love being outside, breathing in fresh air, looking at all of the flowers to pick, watching the leaves fall, admiring new flowers in bloom. Its just seems magical to think of it all, to watch the seasons change, see nature bloom and then die a little in winter just to become fully alive again and remind you that something special occurs in those cold months.

During work this week I was outside, it was super cold and I was really missing the warm weather the day before. It was just beginning to snow and it was so pretty – when its snowing really slowly and the flakes are so big and wet, when you’re looking at it through a window it almost lo…

Vegan Never Tasted So Good

Okay no joke, this is my absolute new favorite dessert ever.

And guess what, yes, its
yes, vegan.

Trust me, its is absolutely delicious, don’t you worry.
I made this for the first time at a little getaway with some really special friends of mine, and then again just recently made is as my husbands birthday cake, and now I’m going to make it again because I’m bored and I’m craving it like a crazy woman.
Now, this is a slab pie. Never heard of one? Me neither until I made this. Lets learn together.
A slab pie is just a shallower version of a regular pie made in a 9×13 sheet pan. So why make a pie this way? Well its just fun, okay? Also some people get really stressed out when they make pies because cutting into one and taking the first slice can sometimes be detrimental. So this just calms the nerves and takes the stress away. Slab pie people, the world greatest invention.

Also I want to note that this definitely does not have to be vegan. If you don’t have the resources to get …