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My Doctor Hugged Me Today

Hi all :)
Its been quite some time since I wrote anything on here, I hope everyone is good!

Since I posted on here last my life has changed quite a bit, I had a little baby girl!
I think my last post was all about my first trimester in my pregnancy and after that I didn’t post about my second or third trimesters haha, but I made it and I had a healthy baby! Its been 6 weeks since Juniper Rose was born and today I had my 6 week check-up which is something that I have been absolutely dreading since the day that I had her. With my appointment today, I was thinking that I wanted to write a bit about how St. Vincent Carmel Hospital and the doctor who delivered Junie was just absolutely more than I could have ever hoped for and more – which has made my experience all the better. So this is my little plug to anyone who is having a baby soon or is thinking about it later, if you are in Indianapolis, you should go to St. Vincent Carmel for your delivery –  hands down, no questions asked.

So! …