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Becoming an Overcomer

"Headed there now" I texted, hoping that my friend, Amanda, would respond with a message that told me she was no longer able to make it - allowing me to turn the car around and go back home.
This was my first time going to an event with my 6, soon to be 7 month old daughter. Amanda, who has a baby girl that is two weeks older than my daughter, invited me to join her at a mom's walking group that meets every Wednesday morning. 

I pulled into the parking lot where I thought the group met, only to find no other moms with strollers and screaming babies around. I texted Amanda again making sure that I was in the right place. A few minutes later she told me that she had given me the wrong place to meet the group.  As I looked up on my phone GPS the location that the mom group actually did meet at I saw that it was 15 minutes away. "Yes!" I thought, "another way to get out of this!"
I texted Amanda back and told her that I was 15 minutes away, and that I wo…