6 Months of Change, Learning, and Love

Today my husband and I have been married for 6 months..I feel like this shouldn’t really be a big deal but so many people have told us that the first year of marriage is the hardest, so being half way through feels like a big deal to me!

6 months.

So much has happened.

I figured I would celebrate by sharing what John Zachary and I have been up to these past 6 months and what we have learned about marriage and each other. Also I am planning to treat myself with ice cream to celebrate as well. That is something that John Zach is learning – that I always want ice cream and I will not share it with anybody..ever. Also probably the reason why I was so totally okay with moving to Fishers was because I knew that there was a Graeters Icecream in town.

If you have never had it, travel somewhere that you can get it.

OKAY! So let me tell ya’ll a bit about what’s happened since our wedding.

About a week before our wedding day we moved all of our things into our new place in Fishers, several weeks prior John Zach had taken a job at Aflac in Indianapolis and since we have some family down in Fishers as well as a Graeters Icecream, we decided that would be a good place to start off.

So after that we headed back home and got married a week later on the most perfect day of June 11 and then spent an amazingly fun-filled adventure of a honeymoon in Sedona.

The night that we came back home from our honeymoon John Zach drove right to our new home in Fishers because his first day of work was the next day, and I followed down the day after because I had a job interview the day after that!
So! Since then I have taken a job at St. Vincent Hospital in the Oncology Department as a Cancer Care Patient Care Administrator, done some substitute teaching on some days off in between, and become a part of the No One Dies Alone program at Eskenazi Health in downtown Indianapolis. John Zach was working for Aflac for a bit and now has been working for Costco for the past several months.

I have had a few health hiccups with stomachs and kidneys, but really hoping that these next 6 months I have some better luck! And Zach is completely healthy all the time which kinda annoys me a little.

We joined a Trinity Church in Broad Ripple and are really happy there! We have joined a small group with 6 other people and John Zach and I have just started serving together as teacher and co-teacher for the Pre-K through 2nd grade children’s ministry.

Also since moving, John Zach’s cousin Mitchel has moved in with us, he lives on our couch (sounds crazy but its been pretty fun.) So the three of us have some pretty good times together.

Its been really hard to find time for the both of us to go home and visit family and friends, which has been difficult..but to all those friends of ours reading this, WE MISS YOU!

And that is pretty much how life has been for us. Its been crazy and tiring and great and fun. There is so much more to learn every day.
So here is a little of what I have learned so far from being married to John Zachary:

1. If I didn’t cook dinner at all, he would eat either Culvers or Chik-fil-A every single day.
2. Sometimes Zach just randomly starts dancing which kinda made me feel weird but lately I have found myself randomly dancing as well.
3. These are honestly and truly the exact words that came out of John Zach’s mouth about 2 months into marriage: “When I thought about what it would be like to be married to Melinda Reach I always thought it would mean having cookies every day.”
…I have made a lot, A LOT of cookies since that day.
4. Sleeping in the same bed as someone is kinda annoying when you both want all of the blankets all of the time.
5. We would make an amazing volleyball doubles team together.
6. I don’t feel as bad staying in bed until noon when someone else is doing it with me.
7. Laughing and joking with your spouse is one of the best feelings ever.
8. When we both have a day off, we need to plan out exactly what we are going to do together that day.
9. There are days we both totally screw up, but Zach always pushes me to talk things out with him..which is hard for me to do but hey, I’m learning 
10. No matter how much you think you already know about your spouse, there is SOOO MUCH more to learn.
11. There is always more love, respect, service to give one another and to give others with one another.

There is so much more to learn on this new adventure of a lifetime that we have started. Its too fun, and it’s almost unimaginable to think about all the other things I will learn with years to come.

I thought some would like to hear what we have been up to, so I hope this post answers some questions and lets you into our lives a bit. Thanks for reading and letting me share, it’s good for me to write out these things I have learned because writing them makes me love and appreciate John Zachary so much more.




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