My Doctor Hugged Me Today

Hi all :)

Its been quite some time since I wrote anything on here, I hope everyone is good!

Since I posted on here last my life has changed quite a bit, I had a little baby girl!

I think my last post was all about my first trimester in my pregnancy and after that I didn’t post about my second or third trimesters haha, but I made it and I had a healthy baby!
Its been 6 weeks since Juniper Rose was born and today I had my 6 week check-up which is something that I have been absolutely dreading since the day that I had her.
With my appointment today, I was thinking that I wanted to write a bit about how St. Vincent Carmel Hospital and the doctor who delivered Junie was just absolutely more than I could have ever hoped for and more – which has made my experience all the better.
So this is my little plug to anyone who is having a baby soon or is thinking about it later, if you are in Indianapolis, you should go to St. Vincent Carmel for your delivery –  hands down, no questions asked.

So! Here is just a little bit of my story 

I needed a monthly check-up about a year ago and we were still new to the area so I hadn’t really had a doctor that I could call my own yet, so I asked around and I was recommended to see a doctor with OBGYN associates of Indiana which is at St. Vincent Carmel. I went there for my yearly check-up and needed to make a follow-up appointment and it just so happened that by the time my next appointment was, about 3 weeks later, I was pregnant.
So that was kinda lucky, since I had already gotten set-up with a gynecologist, who was also an OB, I just stuck with her – Dr. Cline.

Now as a little side-note and a little bit into my pregnancy worries/journey, I did not want to have a baby at a hospital. Before I even got pregnant I already had it set in my mind that whenever the time came, I would have a natural birth. I had heard from various people that having a natural labor and delivery in a hospital is difficult. I had heard stories of doctors not respecting patients wishes and rushing things and pressuring patients into having an epidural and I was just not okay with that. So we looked into a birth center in Indianapolis (which was great by the way) but financially it wasn’t an option for us because a birth center is not covered by insurance, so, the hospital it was. I also was worried about giving birth in a hospital because even though you have a certain OB that you go to for your check-ups, that same OB might not be the doctor on call when you go into labor, so you could have a totally different doctor that knows nothing about you delivering your baby – that terrified me. But, anyways – we were stuck, I was going to have a baby in a hospital.

Something that I did like about St. Vincent Carmel is that they have you rotate doctors for your visits throughout your whole pregnancy so that you get to meet each doctor in the practice hopefully at least once before you have your baby. So I took advantage of that as best as I could.

Now, through these 9 months I really did have a pretty good experience with the majority of the doctors that I saw at my appointments, and it seemed like I was healthy and on track to having the natural labor and delivery that I wanted. We hired a doula who was great [ I will probably write all about that experience in another post to give her a plug ] and I had my birth plan ready and I felt pretty educated on what to expected, and most importantly my husband Zach was so supportive.

Everything was looking great until I developed preeclampsia at the end of my pregnancy…
So this was my worst fear. I felt like I was in control on how things were going to go (which is hilarious because you totally are not in control regardless when you are having a baby lol) and now all the doctors were telling me what to do and when things were going to happen and all of that.
So I was put on bedrest and I had to go to the doctor twice a week and the doctors were making the decision to induce me to go into labor (which I very much did not want to happen) And so during one of my appointments, I went in and the doctor told us to head over to labor and delivery because we were going to have a baby that day.

I. Was. Not. Ready.

This was terrifying. That morning I left for the appointment like it was a normal day and was now being told that I will be returning how with a baby.
And to top it all off, the doctor who was on call was the one doctor that I had NEVER MET BEFORE. What the heck. I was so stressed. I cried, oh yeah I cried. And all of this stress was definitely not helping with the preeclampsia symptoms which led the doctors to think all the more reason to get this baby delivered as soon as possible.

Anywho, long story short, the doctor who ended up delivering Junie, Dr. Neff, was hands down the most wonderful person I could have ever imagined. She read my birth plan and heard my plan to have a natural labor and delivery and was totally on board and respectful of my wishes. She let me take my time in making decisions, and I ended up going into labor and not need the induction with pitocin that I was fearing. Each step of the way during my labor she came in my room and told me how I was progressing, gave me options but always said, “You are doing great, you are progressing, so I’m going to do things on your call. What do you want to do, or do you just want to wait and take a little more time to make some decisions.”
She was outstanding, just thinking of how supportive she was makes me want to cry.
She was encouraging as it came time to push, and she even advocated for me afterward. I unfortunately had a complication during the delivery which led me to go right to the OR after delivery, but she stayed with me throughout and shared her best intentions for helping me to heal the best way possible.
Which leads me to today, my 6 week check-up. I got to see Dr. Neff again. She opened the door and said, “Hey, Mindi, how ya doin girl?” and she came over and hugged me. And although she said the words that I was fearful of hearing (which is also why I was dreading the appointment) “You’re not quite healed right just yet, I need you to come back in a few more weeks,”  – I don’t necessarily mind seeing Dr. Neff a few more times 

Its good to be reminded to rest and heal, physically and emotionally. Whatever the new circumstance in our lives, we need to stop and rest – our bodies and our souls. I believe that in the healing process is when God shows us what he has done in past seasons and what he is brining into new seasons for us. And of course its easy to slow down and rest when its what the doctor prescribes, but what if we started seeing God as our Divine Doctor, because that is what He does, He heals and makes us new again.

Anyways, I just wanted to take a little time to write a bit of my appreciation to the experience that I had at St. Vincent Carmel and to share with others in case you are looking for a place to have your baby or if you need encouragement that even if your pregnancy journey isn’t going the way you wanted, you can have a beautiful labor and birth, whichever way you choose to do it, and there are wonderful doctors out there!


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