New Growth is Blooming

I think we all know the overwhelming feeling you get when you stand outside and admire the beauty of nature. Its that feeling where you instantly want to stay in that place you’re standing forever, having that feeling that you’re a part of something more, there is something more in this world and you want to be a part of it.

I love that feeling.

I love being outside, breathing in fresh air, looking at all of the flowers to pick, watching the leaves fall, admiring new flowers in bloom. Its just seems magical to think of it all, to watch the seasons change, see nature bloom and then die a little in winter just to become fully alive again and remind you that something special occurs in those cold months.

During work this week I was outside, it was super cold and I was really missing the warm weather the day before. It was just beginning to snow and it was so pretty – when its snowing really slowly and the flakes are so big and wet, when you’re looking at it through a window it almost looks like a snow globe.

As I turned around to head back into the hospital my eyes spotted something on the tree right next to me –  buds. And then I looked down and I saw something else, flowers..they were blooming. Blooming!
I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. This gorgeous tree had buds on it, they were perfect and light green and were so close to blooming. And the little white flowers on the ground had just started to bloom open..I was stunned.
And then it was like I could feel God standing with me in that place.

I was so in awe of what I was seeing and it was like God had something so important to tell me, that the moment that I was experiencing was made just for me.

The buds on the trees and the flowers blooming in the ground tell a beautiful story.

I think I was so awe-struck because it was winter, snowing even! And I just kept wondering how this could be when it’s been so cold outside. How could these plants be blooming through the snow?

There are probably so many scientific reasons of how this happens but all I could see was growth, new and fresh and blooming.

And how beautiful it was to see that happening right in front of me and then to hear God whisper in my heart, “I make things grow even in death.”

Winter makes me think of cold, darkness, death, depression, frozen…things not so nice.
But what I saw the other day was fresh growth, blooming into something beautiful.

And isn’t that just exactly what God loves to do? He loves to watch us grow, He loves to surprise us, to show us that we never have anything figured out and in that He amazes us, He grows our hearts.
God does not go away when the darkness falls over us – it sure does feel like it, I know, I really do, but He does not leave. He cultivates new life within us and He uses the darkness around us, the death to bloom something new within each of our lives.

Whether its physical death, the loss of a job, a child, and spouse, a rough patch in school, changes in family, any loss that you feel, we tend to just pack that down deeper into the darkness. Its like we become a frozen lake, and layers and layers of ice pile up. God showed me on Wednesday that His love and healing and new life that He cultivates within us has power. It breaks through the ice – shatters it completely.

The past two weeks I have had a song that I just can’t turn off. The Garden by Kari Jobe. This song is exactly what I witnessed on Wednesday. And I think the reason why I can’t turn the song off is because the words are sinking in so deep, God wants me to hear them.

The last two lines of the song read this:
“Now I see redemption growing through the trees, the death and resurrection in every single seed.”

We go through some periods of just absolute despair, torment, and sadness. And I just want to encourage you that in that, in those moments, God is stirring up something inside of you. He is bringing new life. For those moments God planned ahead and He is working within you and you will bloom.

I’d love for you to listen to this song that’s been speaking to my heart so much, I hope God speaks so clearly to you through this as well 


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