Resolutions? Yes, I'll Take 10...or 20

I am a list maker.

I thrive off of the organization and completion of writing a list and then fulfilling it.

I have several calendars, a big dry erase one on our wall, and I need to make sure that I have everything written down for the month and it needs to be exact or else everything is incomplete.

If I only need 3 things at the grocery store I still need my list.

I just have to write things down and make lists all of the time or else it’s as if those things don’t even exist – I’ll just totally forget about it. The moment someone tells me to do something I have to write it down. And if you know me I’m sure you’re thinking, “Well she’s had like 10 head injuries so she just can’t remember anything.” You are correct….I’m just not going to fully believe that my short term memory has decreased to this point yet. 

So I’m sure you can tell that I have written a New Years Resolution list.

I have really been hearing some negative comments about New Years Resolutions lately – and I get it.
Most of the time they just pretty much set you up for failure.
I’ve been there..every single year..and actually already this year too, oops.
Some people just can’t take the list writing and New Years Resolutions, and I do get that, people are different and they work in different ways. But I just keep thinking about how even though people say that they hate resolutions, we still do it anyway, maybe not writing them down or saying them out loud, but we do them. We think about them in the wee hours of the night when we can’t sleep and then store them in the quietness of our hearts. We are a humanity who always wants to be better and always wants to change and grow. Of course we want that, I want that too.
I changed my resolution writing a bit this year – because every year I get upset that I fail too. This year I wrote very vague things on my list, some things I wrote I already knew that I would accomplish.
One thing that I wrote on my New Years Resolution was to learn to hear God’s voice, and I don’t even really know what that looks like, how do I even do that?

But I wrote that because I feel like the deeper issue with New Years Resolutions is that we do get sooo upset when we don’t accomplish them, and we get upset because we hear that little cartoon devil on our shoulders just mocking us, digging us down deeper and deeper in a hole of self-hatred. And we get stuck in that hole and become bitter and never want to make another goal again because that failure is a stitched up wound that we know will start bleeding again if we try.

We get to this hole because we aren’t hearing the voice of God, and heck we are so deep in the whole that we don’t even know what His voice sounds like. Somewhere along the road we decided that the voice of Satan has more value than the voice of God and that is just down right wrong. wrong. wrong in every way.
This is what’s bothering me.

I don’t want people to make New Years Resolutions if they just absolutely can’t stand them, that is okay. But I do want people to feel and know that it is healthy and good to set a goal, at any time – short term, long term, or even one that is just so easy that it is almost impossible to no accomplish it. I don’t want people to be afraid of trying new things or going new places or trying to improve some sort of aspect of their lives because they are automatically listening to the voice that says its not even worth a try because you’re going to fail.

People, God is constant. God does not change, but He does change everything else. He changes us, He changes us through the resolutions and goals that we make and He changes us even if we don’t have any intention to change. And if we do have goals and resolutions that just can’t be completed, He is in no way disappointed or mad, and because He does not change, He is NEVER going to be disappointed or mad that you didn’t complete a goal.
God’s love and grace and mercy and acceptance is so much greater than any failure could ever have.
If we learn to hear Him then we would know that He just wants the best for us and that He understands that sometimes we just need a day of rest so skipping the gym is okay, and a 12 hour shift has left you too exhausted to open your Bible and you just need to sleep, and you almost ran into another car on the road and you let out that one word you were trying to take out of your vocabulary, and you were feeling really sad so you went to get ice cream anyway. Its okay. Go to sleep and try again tomorrow. His mercies are new every morning.

God’s voice is the sweetest voice we could ever hear, let Him talk to you, open your ears and listen. Spend time learning about Him in your Bible, speaking to Him, asking Him questions and letting Him answer. Listen for that. Because He will tell you what is true of of Him – that He is righteous and loving and just and merciful, and He will tell you what is true of you – that you are loved, and precious in His sight, and His child.

So get up and keep trying, make a new goal, its okay, we can fall together and then stand back up, there is a hand reaching down to help you.


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