I live in Northwest Indiana, so that means that I get a dose of every season of this Earth to the very fullest. No matter where people live though, I believe that everyone would like to be somewhere at some point in life where they get to experience all of the seasons and the beauty that comes in winter, spring, summer, and fall.

The truth is, we all like seasons. We like new things, and with each season some how we feel like we need to change. New seasons come with new haircuts, new styles, new bags, new wedding dresses, new cars. We feel as though with each season there needs to be a change in ourself in order to keep up with where the rest of the world is going. We love change, its what keeps us going and life exciting.

Here are what each season symbolizes according to the changes in the Earth:

Spring is a time on total renewal. Its a time of starting new project, sewing new seeds, and coming up with new ideas. It is a season of refreshment and contemplation.

Summer is a season of light, joviality, expression, and wholehearted action. Everyone loves summer because its a time to party and a time of celebration.

Fall is a transition. Its a symbol to the activity inspired by the radiance of changing foliage that we see during this time of the year. Its a time thats been given to itemize our blessings and recount our joys.

Winter is when life is still, indwelling and silent. This is a season of introversion and contemplation from within. A time for inward searching of the soul with hopes of gaining purity and clarification.

These all sound pretty great don’t they? These definitions make you want to move to Indiana thats for sure.
But the thing is that I think we are forgetting The One who actually created the Universe, is the Maker of the seasons, who counts the stars and knows exactly where they are supposed to be, and who holds all of the bodies of water in the palm of His hand: God.

God takes us through seasons of life too..but they aren’t as glamorous as the four seasons of the Earth sound.
Sometimes God takes us through seasons of heartbreak, adventure, complete joy, depression, waiting, and so many others. The good seasons are good but the bad seasons, they leave us lying on the ground feeling defeated and restless, and there is nothing that we can do but to trust God that each season is preparing us for something greater. And doing that is hard.

And why do these seasons that God puts us through happen? For the same reasons that the Earth goes through seasons too. For renewal, healing, restoration, and change.

The seasons that God has us walk through teach us something about our life. When we are in a season of waiting it is absolutely agonizing. You see what the future could be and you know that hopes of it are high for it happening just the way you planned, its so close that you could almost taste it. But for some reason God is saying, “No, its not time yet.” It hurts. Bad. But that season, it is a good thing. What the season of waiting teaches us is how to trust completely on a God who knows exactly what is best for you and exactly the right time it will be best. Its trusting in a God who knows that you need to go through some inward changes and preparations before the right time has come. And God feels the struggle we have with trusting in Him, He sees our aching hearts and our yearning for more that we don’t have yet. He feels that, and He empathizes with us. The beautiful thing is, is that God waits with us. He takes us through this hard processes but He goes with us. And when we have a God that is so compassionate and loving to our hearts and tender to our needs, He wants to fulfill them, and He does. It never happens in the way that we want, but that is because we are not in control. God takes us through seasons to prune the branches that need pruning. But the beautiful thing is that when we go through this season on waiting and trust in Him to deliver us and know that His plan and His timing is good, we begin a new season. When God knows we are ready, He says yes. And we embark on this new journey, this new season of excitement, adventure, and overwhelming joy. He heard our cry when we were drowning in the depths of our sorrows from waiting, and He waited with us. We trust in Him, and He delivers us. Into a new season where His joy is overflowing from every corner and His blessings and grace are showered over you.

These are the seasons from God, and they are just as important than having a winter, spring, summer, and fall.
I heard once that the only way out is through. So lets go through our seasons. Our funnest seasons, our joyous seasons, our sorrowful seasons, our depressed seasons, our waiting season. Lets go through them with the hope and joy of Christ in our hearts because He goes with us, and He changes us to make us look more like Jesus. He delivers us and blesses us in our obedience, trust, and waiting.

“He has made everything beautiful in its time.” Ecclesiastes 3:11


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