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Our Favorite Vanilla Cupcakes with My Mom's Special Frosting

You guys! Its been so long and I am so sorry!

But what better way to get back in the swing of things and sharing recipes with you again than to share a very special family favorite recipe :)


I feel like it is pretty hard to find a good vanilla cupcake recipe...and I have tried many vanilla cakes and I'm still trying to find my very favorite - but these really stand up to the test.

What makes this recipe so special is that the icing is my mama's recipe.
My mom used to be a professional cake decorator for a few different companies and something that really marks my childhood is how many cakes my mom would always be working on! She made cakes for every celebration for every single person in my family. But what stood out was her icing. It was different, not buttercream, but better. And I remember seeing her make it and I would always get didn't look like icing at all!
Well, I never got to know her recipe in full.....until I got married :)
It had always been a d…