February Fun

I don't know about you, but the fact the tomorrow is the 1st day of March is really hitting me hard.
I feel like I don't even remember December and January. And I don't know where February has gone but here we are. The last day.


This month has been really crazy though, I feel like my life is flashing before my eyes!
This month Juniper really started to find her confidence and walk! And now thats all she does, and its the weirdest feeling! I'm just able to set her down and she will just walk anywhere and everywhere. I'm the one that needs to follow her around and keep up! Its been a huge game-changer and also feels like a really big step into toddler-hood, which, to be honest, I have been pretty terrified about!
I'm feeling extra grateful these days that each day is a new one.

A pretty good picture of what life with Junie looks like now is just her walking back and forth throughout our house, babbling God knows what all day, and laughing intermittently and what seems like nothing.
She just has the best time playing by herself, and its so sweet and such a joy to watch.

This month we have gotten to have some fun play dates exploring the Childrens Museum and other play areas! Motherhood is getting particularly stretching for me lately as Junie grows. The older she gets the more stimulation and interaction she needs, so we have been busy going to a lot of different places and playing with tons of new friends! Which has been really good for me too, just my introvert-self tends to feel a lot more comfortable inside our tiny home with a cup of coffee in my hands :)
I think this is the best part of motherhood though, the tug and pull of having to allow myself to grow to fit her needs, because as much as I like to try to stay in my own bubble, I need to place myself in other bubbles too. I am definitely learning that it is way better to be in community with others instead of being without it.


This month I was able to surprise my parents at a special dinner for my dad, celebrating 30 years of selling steel - and that was so fun! They were really surprised. I texted my dad on my drive up to Valpo saying that I was so sorry that I couldn't make the dinner, so he had no idea. And when they showed up the the restaurant to see me and Juniper there it was amazing.

I got to spend some special days with my hubby, John Zachary! His work schedule is very different every day with some early mornings and then very late nights, so moments that we get to have some good quality time together is limited. We got to sneak in some fun dates, like breakfast (my fave) and my first IU basketball game just the other day. Lately our favorite thing to do together is watch a Harry Potter movie before bed (or part of one before we fall asleep at least!)
Some know this, but we actually don't own a TV in our house, but we do watch netflix often on our computer - but I had been telling Zach that I wanted to watch Harry Potter...and I was complaining a bit that he wouldn't find a website where he could download the movies on. BUT for Christmas he bought me the complete set, so we have been taking our time watching through those :)

Just this past weekend we celebrated my sweet niece, Abigail Rae's 1st Birthday! It was a brunch, which of course I loved, and I got to make her smash cake which is one of my favorite things to do!


Some of my very favorite things this month have been the Honey Cashew Coffee that I have been raving about, here is the recipe.
As well as cute, huge coffee mugs, such as this one.

This month I also tried out Glossier Makeup and I really love it!

My favorite recipe right now deserves a post of its own (very soon!) but it is Baked Ziti with Italian Sausage and Vegetable from the cookbook Dinner: A Love Story. I've made it for 2 different couples this month as well as just for our family and its just too good.

Most of the time I've got something I'm listening too, whether its a podcast or music.
My favorite podcast for the past year really is Risen Motherhood and they have come out with some amazing episodes this month about friendships, personalities, date nights, and life expectations. Every Wednesday they come out with a new episode and I always listen to it on my drive to Bible Study and I just realllllllly love it.
I have wayyyy too many favorite songs right now but the two that are playing in our house frequently are Goodness of God and Praises (Be Lifted Up)

Most of the time you will find me in this cardigan or really anything from Target! I am really loving the Universal Threads line lately.

This month I have been flipping through the pages of this book that my friend recommended to me!

And while I'm reading, or most of the time actually, I am curled up in this blanket.


That is my month in a nutshell!!
Now I'm going to try to catch a quick nap while Juniper is still napping...wish me luck :)

Love you ALL!!



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