March Madness

Yes, March Madness because its only appropriate for me to title a post about my month of March this way, but also, it has been a month full of madness.

Do you fill out the basketball brackets with friends and family each year? I do! I've got three filled out this year between different family members and groups of friends. I don't really know much about basketball at all but its fun to pick out teams to win and I always get excited if I get some guesses right. The teams that I picked to win it are still in the tournament so thats good at least!


This month has come with its own hardships, but I’ve been reminded more than ever the importance of community and the benefits of cultivating deep friendships.
This month I am so thankful for our church and lifegroup who have poured so much time into loving me and my family whether it’s been through prayer, fasting, encouragement, babysitting, or just checking in.
There are seasons of life where we are in the thick of it, feeling like we are deep down in the trenches of suffering - whether it be health struggles, relationship difficulties, job loss, financial worries, consequences of wrong decisions, and so on...or even more than one of those things at the same time.
I think the first response of most people when in the middle of a trial, is our tendency is to keep it deep down and struggle in silence. I want to say that God did not make us to be independent, isolated beings. He made us to be a body, a community, a fellowship.
It’s hard to pour out some of the deepest cries of your heart. But I want to encourage you and challenge you to let the ones around you love and care for you in a way that will eliminate all of your fears of vulnerability and open up to a new reality of what it means to be the body of Christ.
When we allow ourselves to cry out for help to God and our trusted friends, it allows them to hold us up in faith, helping us to believe in Gods goodness and faithfulness when we can’t see it anymore.
That is exactly what our church family has been for me as I’ve been going through some big health battles. And I pray that if you are in the thick of something too, you have a community or family to lean on and encourage you in faith.


This month we have gotten to do some many fun things too!!
We have been to some really fun play dates at the zoo, Connor Prairie, The Little Gym, and parks on nice days! We started going on walks around the neighborhood too which I love! We can smell springtime!!

Speaking of spring, I just had an amazing friend over today who absolutely loves gardening and she knows lots about garden care! I asked her to come over and help me plan out my garden and to give me tips on care and types of plants to buy. I had so much fun!
I want to know what your favorite things to plant are? Give me your tips!


My best friend Jessalyn came over just this week to spend some time here during her spring break, so that was great! Pizza and wine were definitely involved.

We had a special fancy dinner with my sister-in-law and her hubby! Chad made us steak oscars style and it was beautiful and delicious in every way. I ate mine way too fast because it was so good, I need to try to get out of that habit!
And I made the best ever dessert of my life! A tiramisu pie! It was amazing and delicious and I'm so proud of it and so I want to share it with the world.... here is the recipe!

Here are some of my favorite things this month!!

- I'm reading this book, called The Lifegiving Table and it is so good. All about how your table is the heart of the home and how to love and serve others through feasting together. Basically everything I love all in one book!

- Its been raining a lot and I am a sucker for rainy days :)

- I gave up spending money on everything besides food for Lent and it has actually been really freeing and I have really enjoyed that. Its been great for me and I really hope that I will continue to spend minimally after Lent is over.

- Fresh eucalyptus in our house is dreamy. I get mine from Trader Joes!

- Popcorn...almost every night and I'm not sorry about it. 

- Zach and I have watched the office together probably 4 times all the way through. Its been a while...but we started watching it again and its like every time I watch it again I love it even more. Its great at the end of the night to just chill out and know you are watching something that you love.

I hope April is magical, my friends. New life is popping up out of the ground every where. And it will spring up in our hearts too :)



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