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A Time To Embrace

I am learning more than ever that I cannot control situations..or people for that matter.

I feel like the majority of my days are spent either stressing about how the day will turn out or frustrated because the day isn't turning out how I had expected.
My, its exhausting. And I want to stop!

But I think more than anything, motherhood is teaching me this lesson each day - to go with the flow. To be unconditionally loving. To be joyful in each moment, because they are precious.


Our Juniper Rose fractured her arm in two places this week. All three of us are faced with a new challenge for the next 4 weeks! But I need to go into this short season trusting in The Lord to care for June and give us patience, not stress about each situation and constantly worry that she is going to stick something down her cast. I'm learning that each season of her life is precious and there is something so valuable for John Zachary and I to learn in it.


And so I guess its timely for me to share wi…