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Building with Expectation

It's the last few days of June and I am almost writing this too late if I want to keep up with my goal to write a blog each month, sorry if I kept you waiting!
Summer always moves at a quicker pace and it feels so busy to me, but I don't know of anyone who doesn't love it, including me.


June is a sentimental month for me because it includes my birthday, and then mine and my husbands wedding anniversary got added in just 5 days later. But this June just really felt big to me.
The concept of time is what has been mulling around in my mind this month, and I'm trying to figure out what changed that has made this particular year feel so life-altering - I guess this is my attempt to talk it out with you and let you in on a little of life in the Kotynski home.
But really what I'm learning and what I mostly want you to know is that each day is a fresh start, and I'm realizing what a special gift from God that really is. We have the ability to see things in a new way,…