My heart has heard the words 'delighted and defined' whispered over countless voices, lies, insecurities, anxieties, and doubts over the last few years.

I started this blog at the end of 2014, when I made a decision that shook my life until everything came crumbling down. But I made that choice because I felt God nudging me to make it, you know what I mean, right? The little twinge in your heart when you know you should do something but really don't want to? Yes, I consider that to be God doing the nudging.
So I made the decision, because I knew that it was best for me...but more importantly I knew that HE knew that it was best for me. And it was - but that doesn't mean that it wasn't painful.

I feel like that was really my first step -  into living a life for Christ. I had become a Christian before my senior year of high-school and things were going great. But then things started to not go so great, and it was almost like I had a choice of going back into my old habits and making poor decisions or following God and listening to Him when He tells me to go. I chose to go. And my life forever changed.

And in a leap of faith I found great sorrow, deep heartache, and unrelenting depression that followed me...but that voice..."I delight in you, I created you and I know you by name, you are my daughter, my most prized possession. Take delight in me."
It whispered and I clung to it tight, I still do today. Not because its my life mantra but because its TRUE and I desperately need to cling to Jesus each and every day.

The words expressed throughout these posts are the result of God working in my heart, teaching me constantly that He is the one who defines me, not people at the grocery store,  our parents, people on social media, our significant others, our name it. And He delights in me and you just the way that He made us, and through His grace He works in our hearts shaping us each and every day.

I pray that you feel that when you read these thoughts of mine here.
My friend, God delights in you, He made you and cares for you and loves you. He defines who you are.

You are delighted and defined.


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