My Favorite Cookbooks:

*Lots of the recipes contained in these books can be found on each authors' website as well

My Favorite Devotionals, Journals, and Planners:

                                            along with.....

 *I love everything from Gracelaced...Ruth also paints beautiful artwork that lines the walls of my home. Check her out at

Marriage and Relationship Resources:

Favorite Books for Spiritual Growth:

Helpful Motherhood Resources:

**There are several other BabyWise books for different ages and stages of kiddos as well

Books on The Home and Vision for Pursuing Relationships:

**Really anything from Sally Clarkson's Lifegiving Series and her other books. I love her vision for parenting and creating a space for intentional relationships. This book contains recipes too which of course I loved!! Here is her website where you can find all of her books.

* This book also includes amazing recipes that I loved and use!

My Favorite Podcasts:


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